We Hope You Can Join Us
for a Casual Night of
Fun, Food, Drinks and Friendship!
Saturday, November 11, 2017

Official Event
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Aunt Chilada’s Squaw Peak
7330 N. Dreamy Draw, Phoenix
$70 per person
(Mexican buffet dinner and open bar)

Campus Tours - Saturday, November 11
3pm - Xavier - Meet at the lobby of the Performing Arts Center

Brophy tour has been cancelled due to road closures and Veterans Day Parade


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Brophy-Xavier Class of 1992 Reunion$ 75.00
When:11/11/2017 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Where:Aunt Chilada's Squaw Peak
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Chris Adamson
Zack Agra
Angie Pritchard (Bayless)
Annemarie Emmermann (Belter)
Grant Belter
Robin Cerato (Cerato)
Amy Likos (Kirberg)
Mary LaBonte
Monica Mitchell
Jock Thompson
Kellita Joanou (Thompson)
Brian Burke
Erin Slattery (Burke)
Kasey Kocks
Anthony Wines
Jj Cook (Ain)
Nicole Harguindeguy
Penny Davis (Dyer)
Taryn Dyer (Dyer Smith)
Michelle Muradoglu (Gossett)
Chris Houk
Jeff Johnson
Natalie Johnson
William Kane
Joy Keegan
Jason Smith
Sarah Smith
Trent Smith
Chris Snuffer
Tracey Snuffer
Shannon Williams
Anthony Calhoun
Nikki Butner (Calhoun)
Aaron Carpenter
Ryan Dyer
Tracy Snelling
Greg Tolmachoff
Scott Tower
Jonathan Coury
Shafeeq Ladha
Ken Davidson
Marci Schwenn (Davidson)
Mankanwal Sachdev
Melisa Tezanos
Bill Follette
Mariam Jagodzinski
Mark Jagodzinski
Jacque Salley (Moore)
Jake Steinkemper
Julie Beckwith (Wilson)
Ellie Zapata
Poonam (Pam) Bhathej (Gowda)
Colette LaGrave (Haylock)
Enrique Rendon
Tom Stanton
Courtney Tillett
Joana Wells
Brian Wendel
Kay LaGrave (Wilson)
Kim Sanson (Hickey)
Jennifer Meszaros (Brooks)
Melanie Laux (Burm)
Jason Kelly
Joanne Wright (Reitz)
Marc Reitz
Katie Lively (Swartz)
Jean McElvain
Ty McElvain
Ann-marie Donaldson (Alameddin)
Michelle Albo
Salina McCarthy (Faaborg)
Scott Severs
Julie Rizzo (Hyde)
Julie Melton
Valdo Melton
Derick Brownell
Megan Brownell
Caroline Lynch
Wendy Patel
Emily Palumbo
Scott Palumbo
Alyssa Crockett
Pamela Drotman (Broudy)
Brigette Sebald
John Sebald
Laura French
Karen Damaso
Amy Allshouse (Figley)
Charity Charity Grant (Grant)
Kristen Kristen Timm (Watts)
Total 90